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Call For Papers: Ashburn Institute Transnational Law Journal

Jan 15 2010

The Ashburn Institute Transnational Law Journal welcomes submissions of professional articles and student notes for its first publication in June, 2009. Accepted topics are those within our substantive areas:

1) Humanitarian Law

2) Human Rights Law

3) Comparative Law

4) Marine Law

5) Trade Law/International Business Law

While submissions are requested by April 15, 2009 for this issue, rolling acceptance will be considered for the present and future issues. The finest student notes will receive consideration for the Frank Fund Scholarship, provided by the Ashburn Institute. For more information, please visit our site, www.aitlj.org. Best of luck!

Jonathan Sussman
Ashburn Institute
Transational Law Journal

Turkish Politics

About the contemporary Turkish Politics and about Turkish Political Culture


The main parameters of Turkish Political Culture


The problem of democratic consolidation in Turkey


The civil - military relations before and after 1999 ( EU candidacy)


The principal actors in Turkish Political play

The Perils of Demagogy

Since the dawn of philosophy as a socio-cultural practice, demagogy has always been a problem at the forefront of philosophy's concerns.
Topping these concerns were questions pertaining to political truth, the nature of what Plato referred to as "pastoral power" and the general moral-political maxims of the polis.

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