exotic crustaceans

Exotic crustaceans of the Turkish coast

Publication Type  Journal Article
Year of Publication  2013
Authors  A. Suat Ates, Tuncer Katagan, Murat Sezgin, Tahir Ozcan
Journal Title  Arthropods
Volume  2
Issue  1
Pages  20-25
Journal Date  03/2013
Short Title  Exotic crustaceans of the Turkish coast
Publisher  v
ISSN Number  2224-4255
Key Words  exotic crustaceans; Turkish Seas
URL  http://www.iaees.org/publications/journals/arthropods/articles/2013-2(1)/exotic-crustaceans-of-the-Turkish-coast.pdf
DOI  DOI 10.0000/issn-2224-4255-arthropods-2013-v2-0002
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