A DEMO call for papers - for demonstration purposes only

Dec 17 2007


This is just an DEMO call for papers

With this new functionality people will be able to post new calls for papers as well as easily find the kinds of calls of papers that suits them and easily find publishing channels for the papers that they are working on.

It's very easy to create a new call for papers. Just go to "Calls for Papers" in top menu and click on "Add new call for papers". (you will only see that link after you've created your account).

testing privatemessage html

Greetings and welcome to -- <i>the inter-disciplinary Research Networking System</i>
Now that you’ve joined, what are the next steps? Here are some basic tips:
<b>1.</b> You can upload your photo (It helps networking, and it helps to “put a name to a face”). Go to "<a href=””>My account</a>" >> "EDIT"
<b>2.</b> You can <a href=””>invite your academic contacts</a>. As a general policy we kindly ask that each new member invites at least 2 other persons from their department or research field. This way every new person who joins is automatically connected with the rest of the academic community.

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