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Researcher: MPhil
Human Rights and Humanitarian Law, International Relations, Political Philosophy, Humanitarianism, Humanitarian Response, Post-Conflict and Post-Colonial Studies, Psychosocial Support Programming, Art and Arts Therapy.
Oxford Brookes
Oxford Centre for Development and Emergency Practice
United Kingdom
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University of Wales, Aberystwyth, Cambridge University
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Political Philosophy, Human Rights and Humanitarian Law, International Relations, Land Law, Political Philosophy, Humanitarianism, Humanitarian Response, Post-Conflict and Post-Colonial Studies, Psychology, Social Work, Social Theory, Psychosocial Support Programming, Art, Art Therapy


My Publications

Corn, R. (2006) ‘As I Sit on the bus this morning: Perspectives on a Crisis’
16th December 2006


Corn, R. (2006) “A Failure to Act” in Comment,
The Guardian,
18th October 2006


Corn, R. (2006) “Shouting
for the Students”
in Education
, 17th May 2006

Corn, R. (2005) ‘NGOs and
the 1994 Genocide in Rwanda:
Is a Politicized Response More Appropriate?’
in Global Critics, Vol.1, No.1 (

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Member for
10 years 26 weeks

"The space is
dark and very small, not much bigger than the crouching figure cowering
 Four walls just touch a brutally bare skin. Shivering next to their oppression. Searching for meaning in unforgiving hardness.

Damp. Bereft. Desolate.

A mind reels inside its imprisoned place, clawing
at memory, at time and space and reason, desperately searching for
silent order where there is only fear; a white noise of hopeless chaos."

This is an excerpt from some of my writing - a piece called 'A Brutally Bare Skin', which you can hear a recording of 
The piece is about torture and imprisonment, and explains my research interests; my professional motivation is the fact behind these imgaginings.


Experienced, energetic and industrious, with ten years experience working internationally, and a breadth of professional skills; humanitarian, technical, research and creative. I am motivated by the fundamental philosophical foundations of international society, the utility of expression, and ultimately the alleviation of human suffering. I began my career as an engineer-apprentice, quickly progressing to design and project management; at 22 I ran a technology firm hired to consultant on high profile projects and to deliver bespoke training for some of the best in the industry globally. I'd always volunteered creative skills with human rights / social justice NGOs, but time spent travelling in some of the poorest and most conflict affected regions of the world caused me to change course definitively. In 2002 I folded my company and returned to university to study International Relations (Aberystwyth), International Law (Cambridge), Humanitarian Response (Oxford Brookes). I gained a barrister trainee scholarship from Grays Inn but chose a postgrad scholarship for study in the renowned Oxford Centre for Development and Emergency Practice, instead. My academic and creative projects explore dynamics of human communication, post-conflict / post-disaster, with work showcased in exhibitions, journals and conferences. For the European Commission GEANT project, I worked on research and education networks in Europe, sub-Saharan Africa and the Middle East as a member of international scientific research teams. I've led or been part of field research in Rwanda, Colombia, Nepal and Palestine, and for Amnesty International in Advocacy/Research on the Darfur Crisis, UN Security Council lobby, and Colombia Truth Justice and Reconciliation. I spent a year as artist in residence and skills tutor at Crisis (UK homelessness charity), have been a part of several arts based outreach programmes internationally and currently work in arts therapy and capacity building in Cambodia. 

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