Privacy Policy is fully committed to seeing your privacy protected. In many ways the idea for this website sprang from a disdain with how privacy is being handled on other networking sites.

When you create an account at Hypertope you are asked to submit your Real Name (for purposes of networking with others) and your valid e-mail address (which is simultaneously your login name). The way that Hypertope is set up is that your e-mail address will not appear anywhere on the website (unless you or someone else manually writes it within the content). Your e-mail address will not appear even in your personal “Contact” form. The email addresses themselves get automatically parsed so that spambots cannot not detect them. This is very handy for preventing spam. All your information is guarded by powerful software feature.

We do not and will not pass your e-mail address to third party!!!

The e-mails that you receive from Hypertope are only the ones that you signed up for (see your Subscriptions and Groups).

When you configure your Profile (by clicking My account >> Edit >> My Profile) you may notice we do not ask you for any personal information like your postcode (zip code) or date of birth or home address. We do not ask you to put any more information than what usually already appears on academic staff pages (Name, Photo, University, Department, Research Interests, Publications). All information that you provide is voluntary, minimal and designed for purely academic purposes.

Your password remains encrypted at all times. Not even the technical administrators can see it.