Poststructuralist Anarchism

Poststructuralist Anarchism (or postanarchism) is a relatively new field in political theory and philosophy. The first article that inaugurated the research on postanarchism was published by Todd May as recently as 1989. Since the idea that Anarchism and Poststructuralism could be related in terms of history of ideas and well as the idea that the classical anarchist thought could be “upgraded” with the achievements of continental thought has intrigued many scholars and research students. Since the time of the of May’s first article numerous articles and books have been published exploring the terrain where anarchism and poststructuralism overlap. One of the most influential of these has been Saul Newman’s book “From Bakunin to Lacan: Anti-Authoritarianism and the Dislocation of Power” (2001).

However, the story of this relationship between the two traditions can be dated back to 1844 publication of Max Stirner’s “The Ego and It’s Own” and those claims that Stirner stood as a precursor of Nietzschean revolution in philosophy as well as Freudian establishment of psychoanalysis as a distinct discipline and Lacanian elaborations of it. In addition various anarchist texts from Bakunin onwards and throughout 20th century anarchism point toward a radically different theories and models from those of Marxian thought and Marxism. Some of the anarchist theories of power, ideology, sovereignty and statism have striking similarities with what was later explored by Foucault and his followers. In addition, Guy Debord’s statements about the society of the spectacle have striking resemblance with works of Baudrillard. At the same time we see Schumann’s use of Heideggerian thought that points toward anarchy. These are some of the glimpses of the relationship between anarchism and poststructuralism.

This groups is dedicated to further exploration of the relationship between these two traditions in philosophy, political theory and cultural theory.

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