Demo Research Group

Hello, and welsome to Hypertope's research Groups.

This one is just a demo researcg group for demostration purposes only.  It will be deleted as soon as more real research groups start appearing.

On Hypertope people can form their group websites in few easy steps.  They can put a logo for their group in this area and also choose a distenct look for their group websites (as time goes by we will be adding new templates for you to choose from.

This text area is a place where groups can post their mission statement or maybe a few words from the group founder to describe what this group is about...

Research Groups work in a similar way to YahooGroups (though, we hope, better).  So members can choose to post their draft papers or research notes, or other forms of content for other members to see and offer constructive commenting.  Each Group has its own Forum and a Calendar of upcoming events. (Very soon we wll also add an individual gallery for each group). 

If you have any suggestions on which additional functionalities you would like to see in Research Groups, please post them in "Suggestions and Support Forum" below. 

A DEMO call for papers - for demonstration purposes only

Dec 17 2007


This is just an DEMO call for papers

With this new functionality people will be able to post new calls for papers as well as easily find the kinds of calls of papers that suits them and easily find publishing channels for the papers that they are working on.

It's very easy to create a new call for papers. Just go to "Calls for Papers" in top menu and click on "Add new call for papers". (you will only see that link after you've created your account).

a Demo event for research groups

Nov 12 2007 - 11:02
Nov 14 2007 - 11:02

this is a demonstration of how each group can have it's own events and it's own events calendar

In addition to an individual forum, each group gets it own calendar of upcoming events.

These events are displayed both inside the Group page as well as in their calendar.


The authors of group events can also choose to publicise their events inside the global calendar. To do this simply tick the "Public" option when you create a new event from within a group.

If you have any questions or suggestions please post them in "Suggestions and Support forum" (see below)

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