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Hey all,

I REALLY need your help to graduate!!

Please help me by taking a short 5 minute survey for the completion of my final thesis in Communications and Interactive Media.

For those that share the survey with friends, I promise cookies and milk ;-)

The survey can be found at:

Thanks I really appreciate it.

all india md/ms/dnb doctors association

a forum for researcher doctors with postgraduate qualification,from India

We ,the allopathic MD/MS doctors/DNB doctors educated in India or abroad in various fields of medicine hereby resolve in the interests of improving the sciences of medicine and allied medical sciences in national interest as here under-

Sociology of theatre

A group for cultural sociologists who are interested in the field of professional theatre production.


A group for the online journal for postgraduate research into film studies.

FilmSight: The Online Journal for Postgraduate Research into Film Studies

Call for Papers.

Send to:

This is a call for papers for the inaugural FilmSight issue. We would welcome submissions from current Postgraduate researchers for the launch of FilmSight, in Summer 2009. Submissions can be on any film-related subject, and should be between 5,000 to 8,000 words.

Turkish Politics

About the contemporary Turkish Politics and about Turkish Political Culture


The main parameters of Turkish Political Culture


The problem of democratic consolidation in Turkey


The civil - military relations before and after 1999 ( EU candidacy)


The principal actors in Turkish Political play

IT Governance - Macao chapter

This group is dedicated to the research on IT governance of Macao.

Welcome to the research group of IT Governance - Macao chapter.

Researchers are welcomed to share their research projects and findings in this group.

I am currently a PhD student at the Macau University of Science and Technology.  I have over 20 years of IT experience and with the last few years in managing an IT department in Macao.

Poststructuralist Anarchism

Dedicated to the study of the relationship between anarchist thought and poststructuralist scholarship
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