Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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Because it is only for a brief promotional period that anybody can join.  After that you will only be able to create a user account when an existing member of Hypertope sends you an invitation.

This site is for serious researchers – mainly, but not exclusively,
for academics and graduate students (PhD and Masters).  So far 94% of hypertope members are PhD students, lecturers and professors.

Hypertope is a free trans-national inter-disciplinary Research Networking System

The simple answer is that academic contact details do get lost as they change very frequently.  Academics and research students are very mobile people and constantly move between universities and therefore frequently change their e-mail addresses.
Imagine a scenario whereby the e-mail address of one of your academic acquaintances has changed.  In this case your address book or your business-cards album won’t help.  However, if both of you are on hypertope you can keep contact in a much easier way because you can change your e-mail address and other information whenever you need.

Imagine a scenario whereby you meet a researcher at a conference and would like to keep contact in the future.  And so, you exchange business cards or write down each other’s e-mail addresses in your diary.  Few months later you write an e-mail to her, which bounces back because she has moved to another university and has not informed all of her extended contacts about her new e-mail address.  So the contact is lost, and it will take a while before you can find her current e-mail address again. 
Also imagine a reverse scenario whereby your main e-mail address has changed and you have to notify everyone you have met and occasionally keep e-mail contact with, about your new e-mail address and your new university and so forth.  It’s most likely that you will notify only a small circle of colleagues about such a change.

However, if you change your e-mail address on hypertope, then the next time someone clicks on the “E-mail” tab on your page he/she will be able to send you a direct e-mail to that address.  And what is really handy is that your e-mail address is not visible anywhere on hypertope, which is a great way to prevent spam-bots from detecting your e-mail address.
In effect, your hypertope page is like your flexible e-business-card which you can change anytime you like.  What is also useful is that hypertope helps not only keep contacts with your academic acquaintances but also be updated with their recent publications, their current research projects, and various other forms of dynamic information like the conferences or workshops where you may meet again.

It all depends on your privacy settings as well as the privacy settings that you've set on each particular content that you posted in your blog or elsewhere.  So it is highly flxible.

The best way to check how your profile page and other content appears to others is as follows:

  1. Logout
  2. Login using the following details:

                      e-mail address: demo

                      password : demo

    3.   go to your own real page and see your own content (if it can be seen to user called "demo")

"demo" is a fake account that we have set up just for this purpose.

If you did not complete your profile configuration during registration, or if you wish to change any of the fields such as your research interests or university etc, you need to click My Account >> Edit >> My Profile

If you wish to add a list of publications to your profile page go to  My Account >> Edit >> My_Publications (you can also link each of of those to particular items in Biblio Repository)

If you wish to add a free paragraph text about your research or yourself, then go to My Account and click "About me"

Don't forget to click the "Submit" button once you're done.

You can always change your Name, e-mail address, password and any of the profile fields.

To change your Name, e-mail address or password click "My account" and then click the "Edit" tab. This is your basic control panel, and here you can also change the general way in which Hypertope behaves in terms of subscriptions, e-mail notifications etc.

Here you can also add links and pictures to your personal Sidebar which appears on the right handside of your blog entries.

Don't forget to click the "Submit" button once you're done.