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all india md/ms/dnb doctors association

a forum for researcher doctors with postgraduate qualification,from India

We ,the allopathic MD/MS doctors/DNB doctors educated in India or abroad in various fields of medicine hereby resolve in the interests of improving the sciences of medicine and allied medical sciences in national interest as here under-

SOUNDINGS: An Interdisciplinary Journal -- CFP: The Arts of Democracy

Jun 1 2009

It is often assumed that the arts, and particularly the fine arts, create and sustain the kinds of social distinctions that are antithetical to true democracy. This is the claim advanced by Pierre Bordiue's influential Distinction where he argues that what appear to be innocent differences in aesthetic tastes are, in fact, the markers of class identity that enforce social hierarchy. However, there is a countervaling tradition, represented most famously by John Dewey, that insists that the arts are necessary to the health and longevity of democratic culture, and many contemporary artists and theorists are devoted to developing an aesthetic that participates in the development of democratic ideals.

The Impact of the Second Vatican Council on the Concert Mass in the United States

Publication Type  Thesis
Year of Publication  2007
Authors  Marchand, R.G.
Academic Department  Music
Number of Pages  262
University  University of California, Santa Barbara
City  Santa Barbara, CA
Degree  PhD Dissertation
Key Words  Lou Harrison; Leonard Bernstein; Paul Creston; masses

Theology After Lacan? A Psychoanalytic Approach to Theological Discourse

Publication Type  Journal Article
Year of Publication  1999
Authors  Jurgen Braungardt
Journal Title  Other Voices
Volume  1
Issue  3
Journal Date  01/1999
Short Title  The (e)Journal of Cultural Criticism
ISSN Number  1094-2254
Key Words  Lacan; psychoanalysis; theology; discourse
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