Network Pharmacology (ISSN 2415-1084)

Wednesday, December 31, 3000

The NETWORK PHARMACOLOGY (ISSN 2415-1084) ( is an open access (BOAI definition), open peer reviewed online journal (users are free to read, download, copy, distribute, print, search, or link to the full texts of the articles; following CC BY, author(s) retain copyright and publishing rights without restrictions) that considers scientific articles in all different areas of network pharmacology. It devotes to understand the network interactions between a living organism and drugs that affect normal or abnormal biochemical function. It tries to exploit the pharmacological mechanism of drug action in the biological network, and helps to find drug targets and enhance the drug’s efficacy. The goal of this journal is to keep a record of the state-of-the-art research and promote the research work in these fast moving areas. The scope of Network Pharmacology covers but not limits to:

*Theories, algorithms, models and software of network pharmacology
*Network construction and interactions prediction
*Theories and methods on dynamics, optimization and control of pharmacological networks (here generally refer to disease network, disease - disease, disease - drug, drug - drug, drug - target network, network targets - disease, and drug targets - disease network, etc.)
*Network analysis of pharmacological networks, including flow (flux) balance analysis, topological analysis, network stability, etc.
*Various pharmacological networks and interactions
*Factors that affect drug metabolism
*Network approach for searching targets and discovering medicines (including medicinal plants, etc.)
*Big data analytics of network pharmacology, etc

Authors can submit their works to the email box of this journal, All manuscripts submitted to this journal must be previously unpublished and may not be considered for publication elsewhere at any time during review period of this journal. Authors are asked to read and accept Author Guidelines and Publication Ethics & Malpractice Statement before submitting manuscripts.

In addition to free submissions from authors around the world, special issues are also accepted. The organizer of a special issue can collect submissions (yielded from a research project, a research group, etc.) on a specific research topic, or submissions of a scientific conference for publication of special issue.