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Year of Publication  2003


The Kurds living under migration conditions examined at the social psychological (Martin van Bruiness,1991) and psychiatric (Amin and Turner,1996) level. This community sample study was carried out to test the four hypothesises related to primary mental health problems while Kurdish immigrants are migrated from traumatic to migration conditions. Sample was occurred from Turkish&Kursdish and other ethnic groups original come from Turkey and North West Kurdistan(South East Turkey) living in North London. Number of people were 50 from 25 and over age group in questionnaire. 60 people participated in questionnaire. It was carried out in Kurdish&Turkish and Kurdish community centres and also participants own homes in North London. All questions were open-ended. 30 questions were asked to participants. There were 21 female and 29 male . 6 participants were refused and 4 participants replies were excluded from data analysis. The return rate therefore 50 participants for the questionnaire.

The first hypothesis confirmed that there was direct significant relationships between formation process of mental health problems and migration conditions together with past traumatic events. Frequency distributions of assessments related to these relationships[Male, Yes : 28(56%), Female, Yes :17(34%)/ Male, No : 2(4%), Female No:2(4%), n= 50)] were supported to confirm H1. H1 was therefore confirmed and H0(null) was rejected by results. Political divisions and approaches of Kurds toward community centres which in increasing of mental health problems were connected to social political relationships between Kurds and represents(community centres) of Kurdish political groups. Accordingly, H2 confirmed by results. There was not evidence to rejected H2. Opposite of this hypothesis (H0) was rejected by results. There was evidence comes from previous and findings of this study to reject H0. Consequently, after analysing and commended formation process of mental health problems and psychosocial problems have identified the basis of relationships between past traumatic events and migration conditions. Also, mental health problems raised from inconsistent social political organised and Formation process of mental health problems were not limited with migration conditions.


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