Open Letter to Paul Kagame, President of Rwanda Regarding Virtual Onshoring

Publication Type  Miscellaneous
Year of Publication  2008
Authors  Jacob J. Walker
Key Words  virtual onshoring; offshoring; economics; entrepreneurship; Rwanda

This open letter to President Paul Kagame was submitted as an essay to the SEVEN Fund 2008 Essay Competition. The letter presents effective, innovative, pragmatic, and low-cost policies that can facilitate President Kagame's vision of encouraging entrepreneurship by giving Rwandans tools to directly compete in the lucrative markets of the United States and Europe. This will be done through a mental model coined within this paper as "Virtual Onshoring." By making Virtual Onshoring a significant piece of Rwanda's economic strategy, Rwanda can gain a competitive edge in the world market, and a new level of increased prosperity. To facilitate Virtual Onshoring, this paper will focus on policies in education, banking, tariffs, computer recycling and electromagnetic spectrum regulation.

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