Evaluating sustainability in community and collaborative forests for carbon stocks

Publication Type  Journal Article
Year of Publication  2013
Authors  Ram Ashseshwar Mandal; Ishwar Chandra Dutta; Pramod Kumar Jha; Sidhi Bir Karmacharya
Journal Title  Proceedings of the International Academy of Ecology and Environmental Sciences
Volume  3
Issue  2
Pages  76-86
Journal Date  06/2013
Short Title  Evaluating sustainability in community and collaborative forests for carbon stocks
Publisher  International Academy of Ecology and Environmental Sciences
ISSN Number  2220-8860
Key Words  carbon; community; collaborative forests; sustainability

The REDD+ is considered as effective mechanism to address the issues of climate change but it needs sufficient records of carbon stocks. Thus, research objectives are: to show the management options in community and collaborative forests, to compare the forest carbon stocks in these forests and to evaluate the principle of sustainability in practice of management in these forests. The primary data that includes social and biophysical information and secondary which comprises literatures related to scientific forest management were gathered. Here, 32, 33 and 31 samples from Banke- Maraha, Tuteshwarnath and Gadhanta -Bardibas collaborative forests (CFMs) and, 30, 25 and 22 samples from Chureparwati, Budha and Chyandanda community forests (CFs) respectively were collected using stratified random sampling. The social and biophysical data were analyzed using statistical analysis. The dry biomass was calculated applying equation of Chave et al. (2005), while sustainability of forest management was evaluated with Biolley's "Check Method" - Method du-Control and De Liocourt's law. It was found community forests were managed by nearest users while collaborative forests were managed by distant users as well. The highest value of carbon stock was found 197.1 ton ha-1 in Gadhanta- Bardibash collaborative forest and lowest about 92.081 ton/ha in Chyandanda community forest. Though, some management options are applied in community and collaborative forest, theses are not based on principles of sustainability.

URL  http://www.iaees.org/publications/journals/piaees/articles/2013-3(2)/evaluating-sustainability-in-community-and-forests.pdf
DOI  DOI 10.0000/issn-2220-8860-piaees-2013-v3-0007
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