Designing Profession­al Developmen­t for 21st Century Learning

Publication Type  Conference Paper
Year of Publication  2010
Authors  Kibrick, M; van Es, E; Warschauer, M
Conference Name  Society for Information Technology and Teacher Education
Conference Start Date  29/03/2010
Conference Location  San Diego, CA

The advent of an informationalist economy and network society fueled by recent advances in communication technology have challenged schools to help students develop the knowledge and skills required for 21st century life. This study examines how one school sought to implement a curricular and pedagogical framework to support 21st century learning. Participant interviews and observations of teaching and professional development sessions were used to create individual cognitive models of teachers’ and school leaders’ perceptions of the initiative. Data analysis revealed that teachers framed their knowledge of 21st century learning through their past experiences and pedagogical expertise. Additionally, teachers’ and school leaders’ views of the initiative often conflicted, hampering the implementation of the reform.

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