3D structure prediction of replication factor C subunits (RFC) and their interactome in Arabidopsis thaliana

Publication Type  Journal Article
Year of Publication  2013
Authors  Mohamed Ragab Abdel Gawwad; Jasmin Sutkovic; Emina Zahirovic; Faruk Berat Akcesme; Betul Akcesme; Lizhi Zhang
Journal Title  Network Biology
Volume  3
Issue  2
Pages  74-86
Journal Date  06/2013
Short Title  3D structure prediction of replication factor C subunits (RFC) and their interactome in Arabidopsis thaliana
Publisher  International Academy of Ecology and Environmental Sciences
ISSN Number  2220-8879
Key Words  DNA; RFC protein; 3-D structure; structure prediction; interactome; Arabidopsis thaliana

DNA stress can causes potentially spontaneous genome damage during DNA replication process. Proteins involved in this process are DNA-dependent ATPases, required for replication and repair. In this study the 3-D structure of RFC protein subunits in Arabidopsis thaliana: RFC1, RFC2, RFC3, RFC4 and RFC5 are predicted and confirmed by Ramachadran plot. The amino acid sequences are highly similar to the sequences of the homologous human RFC 140-, 37-, 36-, 40-, and 38 kDa subunits, respectively, and also show amino acid sequence similarity to functionally homologous proteins from E. coli. All five subunits show conserved regions characteristic of ATP/GTP-binding proteins and have significant degree of similarity among each other. The segments of conserved amino acid sequences that define a family of related proteins have been identified. RFC1 is identical to CDC44, a gene identified as a cell division cycle gene encoding a protein involved in DNA metabolism. Subcellular localization and interactions of each protein RFC protein subunit is determined. It subsequently became clear that RFC proteins and their interactome have functions in cell cycle regulation and/or DNA replication and repair processes. In addition, AtRFC subunits are controlling the biosynthesis of salicylic and salicylic acid-mediated defense responses in Arabidopsis.

URL  http://www.iaees.org/publications/journals/nb/articles/2013-3(2)/3D-structure-prediction-of-replication-factor-C-subunits.pdf
DOI  DOI 10.0000/issn-2220-8879-networkbiology-2013-v3-0007
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