Hypertope.com is a free trans-disciplinary Research Networking Site for professional researchers, scholars and PhD and masters students.  It allows you not only to keep contact with your colleagues and academic acquaintances, but also expand your research connections and, importantly, form groups and keep track of the developments within your research field.
While contemporary research is becoming increasingly trans-disciplinary and trans-national, Hypertope utilizes Web2.0 technologies for serious academic needs so as to address and facilitate these developments.  
As a scholar/researcher you can use hypertope to…

  • Create a dynamic page about yourself and your research
  • Create your academic profile today so that others can find you later
  • Establish contact and network with colleagues who share same research interests
  • Establish new networks and groups around your research field
  • Promote your upcoming events (conferences, workshops etc)
  • Publicize or search for calls for papers and other channels for publishing
  • Electronically distribute your articles, conference papers, working papers and even daily research notes, and make them available for rapid and dynamic constructive-commenting from specialized audiences
  • Share your research material and bookmarklets, and benefit from sharing
  • Upload and maintain your documents in your own virtual hard-drive (100mb)
  • Keep contact with your colleagues and the people you meet at conferences without the need to keep track of the ever-changing e-mail addresses
  • Keep track of new developments within your discipline or research fields
If you are a PhD student, a scholar or an independent researcher then this site is for you.

To explore the possibilities that hypertope opens up, start by creating your free user account.